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Indian Railways is the lifeline of the country. The Government of India solely owns it. The Ministry of Railways looks after the day to day functioning of the railways. The railways cover a huge distance of 64,215 Km and 7083 stations. This number is increasing almost on a daily basis. It is in fact the fourth largest railway network after U.S.A, Russia, and China. It carries over 30 million passengers daily. The railways just like any other government organization run various schemes for the benefit of travelers. The IRCTC Tatkal is one of the various schemes run to benefit travelers. The IRCTC Login Tatkal, which was introduced in the year 2009-10, was introduced to reduce charges of the Tatkal scheme.

Indian Railways Tatkal

The Indian Railways Tatkal is a scheme, which is introduced by the railways to benefit passengers. The IRCTC Tatkal is just an extension of this Tatkal scheme. Under the Tatkal scheme passengers can opt for Tatkal reservations tickets just two days prior to the journey. Here the date of the journey is excluded. Check IRCTC login procedure. However pricing of tickets was a bit costly under the Indian Railways Tatkal scheme. The IRCTC Tatkal, which was recently introduced, is a bit cheaper. Under the older Tatkal Scheme if a person traveled by second class he would be charged 10% extra. If he traveled by first class he would have to shell out 30% additional. People travel under this scheme in case of emergency. The new IRCTC sign in interface has made life little comfortable for these travelers.

Tatkal Reservations

Under the Tatkal Reservation schemes, a person can book his ticket even two days in advance. However, there are certain points to be looked into. Here under the Tatkal Reservations scheme you ticket is only booked upto the actual distance that is to be traveled. The Indian Railways Tatkal scheme does not allow you to travel any further even if it is within the same price zone. If you travel a station beyond your Tatkal reservation, you will be held guilty. Under the Tatkal reservation scheme if you cancel your ticket you will get 25% refund. However if certain other things are involved such as the train is late by three hours or the Tatkal coach is not attached to the train you will get full refund.

Tatkal Scheme

The Tatkal scheme has its own advantages. The Indian Railways Tatkal offer allows you to book tickets and travel with minimum fuss. In fact, you do not even have to submit your ID proof when you travel under the Indian Railways Tatkal offer. The Tatkal ticket is the only document you will need to show while on a journey.

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