IRCTC Tatkal Refund


IRCTC tatkal refund is a very prominent component of the rules that are related to this type of reservation. In fact irctc tatkal refund rules have been clearly laid down for offline as well as online mode. It has been one of the essential tools that help you to get refund during time of cancellation. Tatkal ticket cancellation refund is carried out under certain conditions and constraints.

Consider this scenario. If you have a booking placed in the wait list. You are skeptical whether it would get confirmed before the journey date. So, naturally you would try to book a ticket through the tatkal quota. However, after making a successful tatkal booking if your previous booking gets confirmed, you will be forced to cancel the tatkal reservation.

IRCTC Tatkal Refund Rules:

You can get Tatkal ticket cancellation refund which is 25% of the total charges of the ticket that also comprise of tatkal charges. It is subjected to the condition if you are cancelling within 24 hrs prior to the departure of the train.

According to IRCTC tatkal refund rules,  you can also avail the facility if the train is late by three hours to the station from which you have to board.

In case if the route is changed you can get Tatkal ticket cancellation refund as per the IRCTC tatkal refund rules that have been laid down by Indian railways. You must be unwilling to travel to the new route as a part of the rule.

If the passenger is not allotted the class desired and does not want to travel. In this case the concerned person would get IRCTC tatkal refund as the difference of ticket as well as the tatkal charges that are applicable to that particular class.

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