IRCTC Tatkal Rules


IRCTC Tatkal rules are very important when you are booking the tickets for reservation. Tatkal reservation rules consist of offline as well as online mode. Refund is a prominent aspect that is incorporated within tatkal cancellation charges. Indian railways have mentioned various rules regarding cancellation on the website so that the users are aware about them in advance.

IRCTC Tatkal Rules

Online Mode:

  • If you are booking the tickets online you should make sure that information is accurately entered in to the system. You must browse railway website for this purpose. Apart from above you can have a sneak preview of website for tatkal cancellation charges
  • According to tatkal reservation rules you need to book ticket 2 days prior to reservation and the process must be initiated at 8 PM. It must continue till 11 PM in the night
  • You must specify the quota of the ticket as Tatkal so that you are able to get correct information about irctc tatkal rules

Offline Mode: Tatkal Reservation Rules

  • You have to visit railway station to book tickets as per the tatkal reservation rules.
  • You must fill the reservation form with number of passenger age and journey date that play a very important role in deciding the overall cost. There are different types of concessions for people who are senior citizens and could influence the amount of the base fare.
  • You need to wait for your turn in this mode because there are many people who also book tickets along with you.

Tatkal Cancellation Charges: Refund

  • There are various situations according to Irctc tatkal rules that refund would be initiated. Under all circumstances tatkal cancellation charges would not be given back to the customers.
  • If your train is late by three hours you can cancel Tatkal ticket and get a refund.¬† In fact if the train is operating on a certain route and due to unforeseen circumstances it is taking another one to reach destination, you can get refund for railways.
  • In present scenario there has been a drastic reduction in the cost of tatkal reservation. Therefore you would not get the refund on the money spent on tatkal services which would be deducted as a part of the tatkal cancellation charges. In hindsight you would only get the refunding on base fare.

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