Tatkal Booking through IRCTC

Tatkal booking timings are very important because tatkal reservations are carried out 24 hrs before travel. online tatkal booking is hassle because it make the whole process hassle free. Tatkal booking for irctc  is available on railway reservation website which would help to get desired information. Tatkal booking procedure encompasses several steps which would help you to accomplish stated objectives.

Tatkal Booking Procedure:

Mandatory Information To Be Entered:

  • You must mention source and destination stations which is very important procedure for tatkal booking procedure
  • Journey Date which is a necessary component to complete Tatkal booking for irctc
  • Tatkal Quota which would be selected from dropdown list for online tatkal booking
  • Once above process is completed you can click to get complete list of trains that have the necessary availability. You must also make sure that you reserve tickets within tatkal booking timings.
  • Apart from above you must also specify type of seat to get online tatkal booking. You need to mention name of passengers and click on make payments. It will direct you to the gateway where in after payments you would get a free e ticket.

Tatkal Booking Timings 

  • Generally Tatkal booking for irctc start two days before the journey that does not include journey date. It usually begins at 8 am in morning and ends at 11 P.M
  • Since ticket is limited so you must start reservations sharp at 8 A.M in morning.

Types Of Tatkal Booking Procedure


  • You can book ticket by accessing www.irctc.co.in which is the easiest way to accomplish online tatkal booking.
  • You must always mention the quota as Tatkal because website by default uses General quota. Timing is very crucial when you want tatkal booking for irctc.


  • You must visit railway station or nearest reservation counter to book tickets. Generally smaller cities have reservation office located to the railway station.
  • It is mandatory to fill an application form with accurate information along with journey date. One of the biggest advantages is that you have to wait in a long queue at station to book railway tickets. You must book tatkal tickets 2 days before departure of the train.


  • You should visit the office of the agent to book tickets. You must provide data about the number of passengers traveling and train preference. The agent will charge you extra money apart from the total cost of tickets for the services offered. It could range from five to ten percent of the cost of tickets.

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