Tatkal Seat Availability


Information about tatkal seat availability of a particular train can be downloaded from railway reservation websites. Irctc tatkal waiting list during summer season is a common phenomenon. Tatkal seat availability of irctc provides a unique opportunity to passengers to book their tickets on the train. You can go to the official Indian Railways website for complete details on seat availability.

Seat Availability:

Using Travel Planner feature in IRCTC, you can comprehensively check the seat availability of all trains in one go. By checking your current PNR Status, seat availability criteria can be estimated.

Tatkal Seat Availability:

  • Enter train number along with source and destination code. Once above process is accomplished you must also specify the quota type as Tatkal to get comprehensive information about tatkal seat availability of irctc.
  • You must also mention journey date as criteria which would help the website to provide accurate data.

Irctc Tatkal Waiting List:

  • You can select appropriate train number from the list of trains that are available online on reservation website. You need to choose Tatkal as the quota type along with the category of seats like sleeper class first AC second AC etc. It will provide you the desired list.

Checking Refund Process:

  • You can click on hyper link Tatkal scheme available on website to get more information about refund in case booking is cancelled.

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